About Us

With nearly 25 years of collecting diecast ourselves, we take pride in helping out other collectors in acquiring their own personal pieces to add to their ever growing collections also. With our focus on the collector we strive to bring you new and also older, hard to find collectibles at the best prices. We specialize in 1:64 Die Cast but will also stock other scale sizes and other categories of collectibles from new to old so make sure to check back often as we update inventory as often as we can get new product in!

Through the years, we have made our presence shown on social media and also at shows and conventions amongst our fellow collectors. We not only distribute but we also collect so we know what collectors want and like. We established many relationships with vendors and you collectors and built a reputation of having new and old items as well as a positive presence within the community. Know that with us you won't have to worry about anything when you order from us online or in our local store!

Our shipping is packaged very carefully as we care about how collectors receive their items. We collect ourselves, so we ship the way we would expect to receive our purchases too. We DO NOT ship collectibles in padded envelopes!!!

Message us if you don't see something on our website and would like us to try and locate it for you. There are sometimes items we might not order or miss but if its still available, we can put an order for those items or track them down!