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Hot Wheels Red Line Club RLC Chevrolet '64 Impala Pair Pink (Gypsy Rose) & Blue (Snowman) 1:64

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Pair is Randomly Numbered.

Blue Snowman Specs:

  • Features: Adjustable/poseable suspension

  • Body Color: Spectraflame Light Blue

  • Deco: White snowflake details on sides, hood, trunk and roof, “The Snowman” detail on sides, “Nice” detail on passenger-side door, “Naughty” detail on driver-side door, “FRIO” license plate

  • Body Type: ZAMAC

  • Wheels: Real Riders Low Rider wheels with silver VUM spokes and white stripe tampo

  • Base: Full-metal, chrome plated chassis

  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted

  • Interior Color: Light Blue with Matte White painted details

  • LIMITED TO 30,000 Units

PINK Gypsy Rose Specifications:

  • Features: Adjustable/posable suspension

  • Body Color: Spectraflame magenta

  • Deco: Rose deco and blue striping on hood and sides

  • Body Type: ZAMAC

  • Wheels: Real Riders Low Rider wheels with gold VUM spokes and white stripe tampo

  • Base: Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis

  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted

  • Interior Color: Violet interior with painted details

  • LIMITED TO 20,000 Units